- R.M Williams Craftsman - Black

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- R.M Williams Craftsman - Black

- R.M Williams Craftsman - Black

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This boot is supple and durable enough for everyday, as well being perfectly accustomed for dress wear. Boasting a unique onepiece fully lined leather upper which is supported by a sewn welt constructionLonghorn composition sole.

  • Yearling Leather
  • Soft, Durable whilst Breathable
  • Leather Lined Upper
  • Chisel Square Toe and flat Heel
  • Longhorn composition oil resistant sole with increased comfort and durability due to new technology sole and comfort innersole.
  • Comfort innersole - the additional padded heel lining increases the superior comfort of the insole and helps reduce heel strike

R.M Williams Comfort Craftsman has a cushioned insole on a comfort rubber sole,thus were the origins of its name 'Comfort Craftsman'. The sole is stitched tothe upper, this not only ensures durability but allows the sole to be verysimply replaced or repaired throughout the life of the product. When resolingeither a leather sole unit or a rubber sole can be installed, this can all behandled in-house so please contact us for more details before undertaking anyresoling.

Classic yearling Leather: durable, with a very soft finish.


Clean away dirt using a clean cloth or shoe brush, apply waxed leather cream tonourish the leather, this will help keep the leather supple and waterresistant, then simply apply shoe cream to put the colour back into the boot,either Cherry Blossom or R.M Williams boot polish (available soon from our ShoeCare department).

These R.M Williams boots have been crafted byskilled men and women using the best available leathers, employing theexpertise gained over many years of boot making. Properly cared for, theseboots retain their appearance and will remain comfortable through their life.Being constructed from leather means R.M Williams boots will benefit greatlyfrom the following care advice:

  • Always use the two 'tugs' when pulling on your boots to keep the back strong and spread the strain onto the elastic.
  • If an R.M Williams boot becomes saturated with water, allow them to dry naturally; never use direct or forced heat, as this will damage the upper and can damage the sole.
  • Leather conditioner should be applied regularly to any R.M Williams leather, preferably every 6 weeks or when the leather becomes dry)
  • Never treat any R.M Williams leather with Alcohol or Oil based car products as this can cause damage to the upper and will void any warranty.
  • Repairing an R.M Williams boot in good time is a practice worth observing as fine quality boots can be easily ruined due to inept or overdue repair work.
  • R.M Williams offers factory repair service using the same methods that were employed in the original construction of their boots. This can be arranged in store or over the telephone, please call theBootCompany on 01179243707 for more details.


RM Williams started up his first factory inAustralia in 1932, hand making boots for cattlemen.  RM Williams is theleading name in Australian Bushwear and his boots have led many Australian andoverseas aficionados to nominate the company as ?the best boot-makers in theWorld?.

RM Williams knows that comfort is just as importantas style when it comes to buying boots, thus why every style is designed tohold your foot securely across the instep, whilst being shaped to support thearch and curved to match your heel to prevent slipping.

We currently stock the three classic styles fromR.M Williams but we can order any style or size from their extensive range. Ifyou don?t see what you want on our website, please call us on 01179243707.Most bespoke deliveries arrive within 3 days of ordering from the factory

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