Fly London

At FLY London the brief to the designers is there are no limitations. “Go where the inspiration takes you!” is the message.

There is no seasonal theme but an understanding by everyone involved of what FLY London stands for. This leads to a brilliantly varied range.

A refreshingly balanced collection, different from the rest of the high street, leading the latest trends and letting creativity do its work, following their motto: “always progressive, never conventional”

In terms of materials, the FLY London range is more varied than ever before, they are making styles from waxed canvas, soft leathers, and a new range of chunky leathers that don't need lining, along side favourites such as RUG Leather such as the Mol and Mes.

FLY London have enjoyed going where the inspiration has taken them; we like the results and hope that you do too.

Don't walk, FLY!

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